Icing Instructions

Make sure that there is a barrier such as a kitchen towel between your bare skin and the ice pack. If the ice pack is set directly on your skin it can cause frost bite and that is very bad. Once you have the fabric barrier between your skin and the ice pack set a timer for twenty minutes. DO NOT ice for more than twenty minutes on any one area. After the twenty minute session of icing you must take a 40 minute break from icing in order for the tissues to warm back up and receive the proper effect from the icing.

Heat/Ice Combo Therapy Instructions

This therapy is excellent for anyone wanting faster healing and quicker relief from pain stemming from spasms.  Start with a heat source (heating pad, hot tub, hot bath, shower, etc.)  Heat the effected area form approximately 40 minutes.  Immediately following the heating session place an ice pack in a kitchen towel so that no part of the ice pack is touching bare skin (it can cause frost bite).  Keep the ice on the effected area for 20 minutes then remove.  Repeat this cycle as many times as necessary until relief is obtained.

Foam Rollers

We have foam core rollers and half rollers available for purchase...and can get any color you want. Increase flexibility and use for self massage. Come by and try it out.